Babies are always adorable… and sometimes they are also very funny. Not only because they don’t know how to talk or communicate but for the simple fact that they are trying everything for the first time which is something we sometimes forget. Do you remember the first time you tried the sourest food in the whole world? What was your reaction? Did you like it or did it bother you? Well, here we gather the best baby faces after trying lemon for the first time. Hope you laugh like I did!

This baby can’t be more adorable, look at her cheeks. I just want to hug her and give her lemon everyday. What a cutie!
Adorable Asian baby
Ok, he thinks he can deal with it. In fact: “..everything’s good, not sour at all. Who thought I would react differently?”. Brave little baby.
“I think maybe they were right, this is not good at all. I honestly don’t like it people!”
I guess he didn’t like it in the end.
“OMG! This is disgusting. Mother and father, you are not being funny at all. Take this thing away from me please!!”

I kind of like it!
This one’s not having the best time. However, he seems to like it a little bit. Don’t you think? So cute!
It is not funny at all
OMG, this baby can’t be having a worst time. Quite different to the last one, right? Poor little creature, stop making fun of him. His discovering a whole new world on flavors and of course sourness.
Asian babies can’t be cuter!!! I mean look at this one. I definitely want to hug him non-stop. His hair and little hand made my day. And he seems to be taking the sour taste like a little champ.
Angry or sad?
Take a look at this one. He can’t even decide how he is feeling. I can put myself inside of his head. “Is this good mmmm maybe no. No I honestly don’t like it”. LOL.
Best picture in the whole world
OMG. This baby!! What a adorable thing! I guess he didn’t like it? I, honestly, didn’t know a baby could even make a face like this. It’s perfect and so funny I can’t even look at him without cracking up.
What on earth is this thing?
“What on earth did you give to me!?” “Please throw it away, far away from me and my mouth if you don’t mind!”
Gimme more, honey!
“This is the weirdest thing I have ever tasted. I love it, please give me some more of that mommy, i’m a big boy and I can handle it”
Rock’n Roll
Rock’n roll family! This one loves it, crazy hair, crazy vibes. He definitely loves lemon and its sourness.
Confused princess
Alright, this one’s just so grumpy, she can’t even bear the fact that someone has given her all that disgusting feeling. Make it stop please!
What did you do to me?
This one’s like “OMG WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!” I can’t believe how funny baby reactions can possibly be. Poor thing.
Stop it!
“I can’t stop the feeling..!” It was not Justin Timberlake this time. It was this cute little baby thinking of his lemon reaction.