Yikes! We feel the sourness

Not all things in life are sweet, as this adorable baby discovered while tasting a lemon for the very first time.

But what makes baby J’s citrus ordeal so endearing is that he seems to love and hate it at the same time.

The baby cannot seem to get enough of the slice of lemon as he chumps away it.

But within seconds the tangy taste hits him and he recoils, shuddering and making a sour face.

However, it has not put him off and he keeps returning for another mouthful, only to get the same reaction.

His parents can be heard giggling in the background as his reactions are captured on video.

It was was posted on YouTube on Monday and has already received over 50,000 hits.

Baby J’s parents have also captured other precious moments and posted them on You Tube.

Clips by ‘likeursoperfect06’also show baby J’s first steps, trying his first hat, enjoying his first Christmas and even doing pull ups for the first time.

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