Wild animals are not to be messed with

This is the terrifying moment a cougar attacks and kills a pet cat on the front porch of a suburban house in Florida

The clip was caught on a home surveillance camera facing the front driveway of a home in Naples in southwest Florida, an area with a high population of wild cats.

The minute-long clip shows a seemingly calm day as birds can be heard chirping in the background of the suburban street in the wooded area.

The calm picture turns into horror as we suddenly see a terrified domestic cat run into view as he is tackled by a cougar in a horrifying grapple.

The cats blood-curdling cries can be heard as the wild predator locks the animal in it’s mouth and bites into him before carrying the dead animal out of view.

The video was posted online in January with the warning: ‘Keep your animals safe if you live in an area like this’!

Naples, Florida is an area that is highly populated by roaming wild cats in search of prey.

The home surveillance footage shows the animal suddenly appear as it tackles a domestic cat in the front yard if a home in Florida

Sickening screams can be heard as the cougar clutches the cat in it’s mouth before it carries it away. The video was posted as a warning to pet owners in the area to keep their animals safe

One social media user claims that she never allows her cats to leave her house because of the fear that they would be attacked in similar scenarios.

Another said that there are lots of big cats in Naples and that ‘lots of animals walk around including bears and panthers.’

One user mused: ‘Guess if you loved your pet it would be kept inside.’

There have been many reports of similar happenings of animals including dogs being attacked and mysteriously going missing in the area.

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