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Twin brothers Justin and Joshua Thorington have spent their whole lives together – and now their own children, born on the same exact day, will likely do the same.

On March 27 2018 Josh and his wife, Denise, welcomed their newborn son, Jack, at 4:18 am at Munson Medical Centre in Traverse City, Michigan.

Just one hour later, Justin and his wife, Alex, arrived at the same hospital – and gave birth to their daughter, Lucy, at 11:43 pm the same day.
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According to Josh and Denise, they were originally confused as to why Justin and Alex hadn’t called to check-in on them – or to ask when they could come see the new baby.

“I thought it was kind of weird that they weren’t coming up,” Josh told WPBN. “Then he’s like, ‘Hey, we’ll come see you, but just so you know, Alex is in labour. And you’re the only ones who know, so don’t tell anyone.’ I think they didn’t want to steal our thunder, but we didn’t care.”

Rather, the rare coincidence made the day all the more special.

Despite having expected delivery dates more than two weeks apart, the new families were happily surprised that the newborn cousins will share a birthday.

According to Josh, the two couples had joked about the possibility of giving birth on the same day throughout the pregnancies, but never expected it to actually happen.

But, as a twin himself, he didn’t realise at first how unique it was. He told Fox News: “At first it didn’t really hit me how unique this was, maybe because I’m a twin, but the more I think about it the more I realise how special it is.”

And the best part, according to Justin, is the cousins will always have a friend – just as he did growing up with his twin brother.

He told Fox: “Lucy and Jack will always have someone in life to have fun with, and someone that can be there to lean on or provide support through difficult times. They will always have a friend.”

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