This hero catches a boy who fall while on an escalator

It is not uncommon to see something unexpected while out and about at the shops – but this man was taken aback when he SAW this.

The man, dressed in a black and white baseball jacket, was walking past a flight of stairs while tucking into a packet of crisps.

But his shopping was put on hold when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Bewildered, he looked up at the ceiling, slowing his pace.

Suddenly, he retraced his steps and ran back, catching a very unlikely object in his arms.

For, a child had fallen off the railings off a staircase above, and it was this falling child that prompted the man into action.

Proving that heroes walk amongst us, the mystery man stepped in at the 12th hour and quickly grabbed the child, saving him from certain death.

The man is sent flying to the ground, but the child is scooped up safely.

His incredible reaction was captured on CCTV last year in Shiraz, in Iran, before being shared on website Imgur.

And the amazing footage led to speculations that the mystery hero could be a Dad.

One poster said: “Father senses were tingling.”

One added: “Brilliant. Saw what could be a bad situation, tracked it, then acted. Learn from this man.”

While another said: “He dropped a bag of crisps to catch the kid … hero our world needs!”

One poster added: “What a catch, what a marvellous catch.”

But despite his courage, news team JYC in Iran told how the unnamed hero is just 14 years old.

The CCTV footage, which was captured on November 15 last year, has been seen over 1million times already.

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