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Living through our own embarrassing moments in life can be agony. But reading about other people’s cringe-worthy interactions? That’s hilarious.

Blogger Jenny Lawson, whose popular blog, The Bloggess, has helped her earn nearly half a million Twitter followers, took to the social media platform over the weekend to share a recent experience that left her red in the face.

But rather than just chuckle at her misfortune, hundreds of her followers replied with their own humiliating stories, kindly divulging the hilarious details of stories they’d probably rather forget.

Setting it off: The Bloggess writer Jenny Lawson started a social media trend when she tweeted about her own embarrassing encournter

Whoops: She shared on Sunday that she accidentally told a cashier at the airport to have a safe flight – and is too embarrassed to show her face there again

Her followers followed suit, sharing their own humiliating tales – like this one, who told her new boss that she loved him

Too much information: Hundreds of people chimed in, including this woman who implied that she would be rubbing ointment in a very private place in the car outside the convenience store she was in

On Sunday, the bestselling author of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) tweeted about an unfortunate exchange at the airport.

‘Airport cashier: “Have a safe flight.” Me: “You too!”‘ she wrote, adding: ‘I CAN NEVER COME HERE AGAIN.’

The tweet was soon favorited over 740 times, and her followers started responding with similar stories of misspoken words, misunderstandings, and even misdirected text messages.

Later, in her hotel room, she started cracking up at all of the tweets, laughing so hard that ‘hotel security had to do a welfare check on me because I was laughing so hard the people next door thought I was dying.’

She started retweeting them, warning her followers to read them with an ’empty bladder’.

‘Bought Preparation H for under-eye bags,’ wrote Anastasia Schmitt, referring to the name-brand hemorrhoid ointment which some people cleverly use to reduce under-eye puffiness. ‘Told the clerk she didn’t need to bag it because I was going to use it in the car.’

Human experience: Jenny (not pictured) said she was happy of the reminder that we all say and do embarrassing things

Several other Twitter users wrote about times they also gave other people the wrong idea.

‘The handsomest man I’ve ever seen once sat down next to me & said “Hi.”‘ wrote a woman called Daize. ‘I responded with “I’m eating a tootsie roll.” He left.’

Kate Darling from Cambridge, Massachusetts recalled thinking the man selling her lunch was asking her out, writing: ‘Sandwich shop cashier: “What’s your name?” Me: “Oh, uh, I have a boyfriend.” Cashier: “For the sandwich.”‘

‘Sent the following text (about my Hispanic landlord) to [someone who is] NOT my roommate,’ wrote Carie from Tuscon, Arizona. ‘”Jesus is coming at 10am. Be awake and have clothes on.”‘

Others seemed to have forgot how to string words together entirely.

‘On a date in high school I asked my server “can I get this doggy style?”‘ wrote Rachel from Canada. ‘I meant in a doggy bag.’

Kathy from Miami chimed in: ‘I’m a server, I introduced myself to a table saying “me Kathy”. Then ran away mortified. I made a coworker take over for me.’

New friend: This woman proves that even when a situation isn’t your fault, it can still be agonizing

Is she OK? Jenny said she laughed so hard reading the tweets that her neighbors in the hotel where she was staying requested a wellness check on her from the front desk

A woman named Margaret also messed up introducing herself, explaining: ‘Got an interview for a job I really wanted. Walked in, held out my hand, and said, “Hi, I’m Marsha.” My name is not Marsha.’

Some people suffered the consequences of unfortunate misunderstandings. A Twitter user name Rosti shared that while tasting beers at a brewery, he ‘poured ones I didn’t like into a bucket like at wine tasting’. Unfortunately, those bucket don’t typically exist for beer tasting, and he was pouring his rejected ale into the tip jar.

Margot Saville from Sydney, Australia, said: ‘I told someone at a party, “That dirty old man is trying to hit on you”. She said, “Actually he’s my fiancé””

Amanda Thompson from Denver exited a Starbucks and climbed into the passenger seat of the wrong car with her drink. The embarrassment, though, was even worse because it was delayed: ‘The driver waited until I finished my phone call to tell me.’

‘Walked up to a baby-holding stranger (thinking it was my sister) at my daughter’s soccer game and said “Give me the baby”,’ recalled a Twitter user from Massachusetts.

Unintended kidnapper: Mistaken identity played a large part in several shared stories

Soggy change: This man unintentionally poured beer all over some employees’ wages

Caveman talk: Many of the stories involve people who forgot how to speak proper English

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Marla Erwin from Austin, Texas, wrote: ‘Paid in cash at Starbucks. Employee extended his fist, so I gave him a fist bump. Turns out he was just holding out my change.

Angela Bassa from Boston had a particularly bad first day of work thanks to a misfired text. She explained: ‘I texted my boss at the end of my FIRST DAY in the new job with: “Heading out. Love you.’ intended for my boyfriend.’

Tara Wilson from Ontario, Canada, offered up the tale of the time she lost her balance on public transportation, writing: ‘I was taking the bus & no seats free so I stood. When the bus turned the corner I swung around pole and sat in random guy’s lap.’

Jenny, who started the trend, said she was especially thrilled to see she wasn’t alone in experiencing cringe-worthy awkwardness.

‘Thank you, amazing people for reminding us all how stupid and adorable and ridiculous mankind is,’ she said. ‘Also, if you don’t laugh in recognition of doing at least a quarter of these yourself you are probably in the wrong place or just haven’t lived long enough. Just saying.’

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