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Did you ever get upset as you witness the most embarrassing moment of your favorite celebrity on the camera in front of their media? As at one side celebrities lifestyle are filled with shimmering routine and fame. Then on other side of the book, their one single action can bring an bring them into the limelight of most embarrassing moments of celebrities list! Same did happened with all such celebrities as well. Here below we would bring about with the list of top celebrities from Hollywood who did faced the most embarrassing moments ever!

16 Famous Celebrities and their Most Embarrassing Moments to Talk About:

1.Julianne Hough:
On the top we have Julianne Hough! She made herself to be the part of the media headlines as she dressed herself out in the character from Orange is the New Black and toned her skin black using makeup. She had to face so much of the offend. She did apologize for this act as well.

2.50 Cent:
On the next we have the top known rapper 50 Cent! He did hold on with so many of the records for his best singing skills. His most shameful moment occured at the time of Citifield where so many cameras in the stadium caught him as throwing an opening pitch for Mets.

3.Tom Cruise:
Third we have the worldwide famous Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise most embarrassing moment happened at the show of an invitation to Ophrah’s Couch. He got too much excited at the time of the show to announce his relationship that he jump on the couch and started jumping. That was so embarrassing for peoples too!

In 2005 Fergie did faced the most embarrassing moment at the time of performing in front of thousand people in San Diego. She did capture herself as getting into the weak bladder in front of thousand people. She peed on herself on the stage. This was so embarrassing!

5.Taylor Swift:
Taylor Swift also come out with the most embarrassing moments in 2011! This happened at the time when she went as close to the wind machine and something really shameful occured. Thousands of people were witness of this whole incident

6.Zac Efron:
In 2012, at the event of the Hollywood premiere of the Lorax, Zack Efron did went into the most embarrassing moment as in front of thousands of people and cameras. He did accidentally drops a condom from his pocket at the red carpet night. This really helped him to get into some light!

7.Katy Perry:
In 2008, The Singer Katty Perry made the best effort to stand in the middle of thousands of people. She had a plan of ending up her concert by diving straight into the cake. But the cake was frosting and it made the stage so much slippery that Katty Perry keeps falling on the stage again and again. It was so much fun to watch!

8.Justin Bieber:
In 2012 Justin Bieber faced the most embarrassing situation on the tour at some stage when he was all drunk and resulted into vomiting on the stage. Thousands of people witnessed his this awful condition! Which celebrity wants to vomit in front of cameras?

9.Nicki Minaj:
Nikki Minaj got into a controversy as she came into the role of the dictator in her one music video. Nikki Minaj made herself into a Nazi superhero with the music video “Only”. Chris Brown and Drake were also part of that video.

10.James Franco:
James Franco the ” Why Him” did came into the limelight as he was caught hitting by one of the underage fans. This girl had the evidence in the form of screenshot where James Franco message her. The celebrity was left with no choice!

On Feb 25, 2015. Madona give away the performance at the BRIT awards. She was wearing a cape at the stage performance. But she suddenly fell on the stage with the backstage dancers. This is the most embarrassing moment for any celebrity!

12.Tara Reid:
Tara Raid went into the embarrassing moment in 2004 as she joined P.Diddy’s birthday party. She unfortunately faced the Wardrobe malfunction on his birthday party.

13.Ariana Grande:
Ariana Grande got herself into the embarrassing moment at the time when she made an appearance into the reality show where she has to work in a Donught store as a store employee. She eventually licks a donut and hence put it back on the selling shelf intend to insult the customer.

14.John Travolta:
In 2015 at the event of the Oscar Red Carpet, John Travolta did give away the awkward kiss to Scarlet Jhonson. He came from the back, hold her from waist and give her kiss on the left cheek. This was so embarrassing to caught on cameras!

15.Angelina Jolie:
Angelina Jolie went into the most embarrassing moment in the year 2014 on New York City screening of HBO movie “The Normal Heart”. She apply so much of the powder on her face.

16.Leonardo DiCaprio:
On the last we have Leonardo DiCaprio who was caught in a shoot as holding 3 bananas in his hand and laying on a fruit table. Even still none of his fans is able to figure out that why did he put himself into such kind of photo shoot! Why Leonardo why?

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