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A WOMAN who repeatedly dreamt her numbers came up on the lottery has won a £3.6m jackpot.

Anita Wynne, 46, from Darlington, has had a recurring dream every week for the last few months that one of the eight lines of numbers she puts on the lottery each week came up.

Unbelievably, her dream came true on Sunday night when she checked the winning numbers from Saturday’s lottery draw on Teletext and saw the same numbers she had dreamt about, had come up, winning Anita and her husband Ken, a massive £3,644,131.

Anita said: “Of the eight lines it was always the same one that appeared in the dream.I never thought it would come true though, I couldn’t believe my eyes on Sunday.”
Ken, 53, added: “She was jumping up and down saying she had got all six numbers. I don’t know how many times we checked them, we kept switching from BBC to ITV to check the numbers were the same.”

The ticket was bought at Supercigs, Queen Street in Darlington and the winning numbers were 9, 15, 22, 43, 46, 48. Mother-of-three Anita said that the numbers were randomly chosen and had no significance.

Despite scooping the jackpot, the couple both went to work on Monday, as they could not get their win verified by the lottery until 9am on Monday morning.

Anita is a care assistant at the Gardens Nursing Home, and has been putting the same numbers on the lottery since it began.

The couple, who live in a £35,000 three-bedroom house, have no plans to move and are not entirely sure how they will spend the cash.

They have decided to buy is a £20,000 Mazda MX5 sports car and also build their dream holiday home on a plot of land they bought last year on the Greek island of Crete, where they visit each year on holiday.

Ken said they will go to Crete in August, and also plan to have a party for family and friends once their win has sunk in.

He has been an electrician at Tomlinson and Longstaff in West Auckland for the last 11 years, but is now planning to retire. Anita is less certain about leaving her job and plans to discuss the matter with her bosses.

Before scooping the jackpot the couple had won £10 on the lottery on a few occasions and even won £76 with four numbers, using the cash to treat themselves to a meal of fresh salmon and champagne.

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