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An Arizona man has beaten the odds to win $1 million cash prizes in the lottery not once but six times.

The man bought his tickets for the April 25 multistate lottery game at a QuickTrip store in Glendale, hand-picking the same numbers six times.

News of the win spread round the city in the days after the draw after it was announced that only one of the tickets had been claimed, prompting players to double check their numbers.

 The unidentified man made three trips to the Arizona Lottery headquarters to claim his $6 million winnings

Now the rumours have been confirmed, it was indeed one lucky winner who owned all six of them.

The man bought six tickets with five identical numbers at the gas station and a different Powerball for each.

He made three separate trips to the Arizona Lottery’s headquarters in Phoenix to claim his $6 million.

Jeff Hatch Miller, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery, confirmed the win and told KTAR.com: ‘It’s absolutely fantastic, and as rare as it might be, it does happen. ‘It was an exciting event each time,’ said Miller.

‘The fact that they came three different times had to do with something only known to them and certainly not known to us.’

When news of the six winning tickets first spread round the city, players excitedly double checked their numbers just in case

And now that all six of the tickets have been claimed the store can get its $30,000 reward for selling them.

The man has said he does not want to be identified, sparking irritation among some who believe that lists of winners should be public records.

The Multi-State Powerball Lottery jackpot starts at $15 million and goes up until someone wins, with nine different ways of winning, starting at $3 prizes for matching the Powerball alone.

The odds of winning a cash prize are one in 32, according to Powerball.com.

Unsurprisingly cashing in on a $1 million second prize its less likely, with odds of 1:5,153,633, according to Lottery spokeswoman Karen Bach, who added that the man’s win was ‘truly fantastic’.

27 states participate in the Multi-State Lottery.  Miller said the Arizona Lottery has had 10 second place winners since it changed the Powerball in January so that the second prize would be a $1 million prize.

The figure puts the state in second place nationwide for the nation for the most second-prize winners.

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