People have noticed something unsettling about Meghan Markle’s new coat of arms

The Duchess of Sussex’s new badge is made up of references to her native state as well as a songbird and a quill.
Meghan “worked closely” with the College of Arms throughout the design to ensure the final product was both “personal and representative”, Kensington Palace said.

For wives of members of the Royal Family it is tradition to have one supporter, a symbol each side of the shield, relating to their husband and one personal to themselves.

Meghan’s supporter is a “songbird with wings elevated as if flying and an open beak, which with the quill represents the power of communication”, the palace explained.

It’s that songbird that some have taken issue with, with some indicating the bird looks like it is being strangled.

Some Twitter users have thought they spotted something amiss with Meghan’s coat of arms
Meghan had a big hand in the coat’s design
Meghan is represented by a songbird in her coat of arms
The songbird isn’t in distress but is being “ducally gorged” which means in plain English the placement of the coronet when a person holds the rank of duke or duchess.

When a person is royal by birth, a crown is depicted on their head, whereas when a person is royal by marriage, the crown is portrayed on the neck.

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