I want my genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’

A MAKE-UP artist wants to remove his genitals to achieve his dream of looking like an alien – but plastic surgeons have said it may be impossible.

LA-based Vinny Ohh, 23, has already spent £46,600 ($60,000) transforming himself into a “genderless alien”.

LA-based Vinny Ohh, 23, has been told by doctors it could be impossible and certainly “highly risk” to remove his genitals to become a genderless alien
Vinny also works as a part-time model and is often shot looking like an extraterrestrial
The make-up artist has already forked out £40,000 on plastic surgery but removing his genitals to complete his alien look would be a world-first
However, the surgery he wants next is his most extreme yet – getting his genitalia removed entirely so he is neither male nor female.

He’s now been told by plastic surgeons that he may never be able to have the operation – which would be a world-first.

Renowned plastic surgery Dr Simoni, who runs a practice in Beverly Hills, said such a procedure is highly controversial since doctors are unsure what effect the removal would have on the body’s biochemistry.

Vinny, seen after one of the surgeries on his nose, now plans more operations to have his genitals and belly button removed
The alien-wannabe said that he has found the public are split on his look as some people love it, while others hate it

Vinny Ohh puts his arm around his supportive sister Daniella Malfitano at home in California
He said: “The experimental nature of the procedure means it is highly risky and it could also impact on basic bodily functions such as Vinny’s ability to urinate.

“This procedure has not been done yet, it’s totally new territory.

“This would be a brand new procedure and if something happens or there are complications, we don’t have any idea how to address it.

“Also, the sexual organ is also a tool to urinate, there are muscles that hold the urethra and prevents not only the urine flowing out, but also the bacteria going back up.

“My main problem with this procedure is what is he going to think about it in ten or 15 years time?

“Because all the bridges are gone. There is no way to come back to female or male. It’s a done deal. And he is young and now he has to live with it until he is 80 or 90 years old.”

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