Cute boy wants to eat the chicken off the poster

A hungry little boy tried to eat the food pictured on a fried chicken advert .

Harvey Quesa’s amused family filmed the youngster stare longingly at the poster and start attempting to eat imaginary pieces of the chicken .

The clip, which was filmed in Bayambang in the Philippines, has been viewed more than 11 million times on Facebook since it was shared earlier this month.

The three-year-old’s family had decided to enjoy breakfast at Jollibee, a popular fast food chain in the country.

The restaurant though was closed when they arrived.

The cute youngster’s aunty, Va Nes Sa, said: “We decided to just wait in front of the restaurant until it opened.

“While my cousin and I were waiting outside, we just let Harvey walk around because there wasn’t many people around at that time in the morning.

“It was only recently that Harvey had became obsessed with fried chicken because he could only eat soft foods before that.

“Harvey was just so eager to go inside to eat the chicken that he tried to push the restaurant door open, telling the staff ‘Hey guys, open!’.

“Harvey with his imagination decided to sit down in front of Jollibee’s advertising poster and eat the fried chicken in the advert instead.”

Jollibee was just as amused as Harvey’s family.

The company has since given the boy buckets of free chicken.

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